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Acting Inspector General warns against campaign violence

Jarp Davies/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr
Liberia National Police
Liberia National Police

MONROVIA.LIBERIA-The Acting Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Sadatu Reeves, is calling on political leaders to begin dialoging with their supporters to desist from electoral violence.

Madam Reeves comment comes in the wake of pockets of clashes among supporters of some major political parties, including the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Liberty Party (LP) and Unity Party (UP).

The acting police Inspector General said: “Such scuffles are not in the interest of a peaceful election and the Liberia National Police (LNP) will not tolerate such acts.”

Madam Reeves made the statement over the weekend at the National Police Training Academy when the Liberia National Police graduated 150 officers for the first cycle of its Formed Police Unit (FPU).

The four weeks training was conducted by fourteen experienced instructors of the Chinese Formed Police Unit under the authorization of UNMIL.

The LNP FPU officers were trained in crowd control, VIP escort, checkpoint security, vehicle inspection, building sweeping, among others.  


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