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Deputy Speaker launches governance project

By Richard Manubah

(lbsonline/Liberia)-A one-year project, aimed at strengthening democracy and building locals’ capacities, has been launched in Grand Bassa County.

Deputy House Speaker, Hans Barchue, performed the official launching ceremony.

He challenged the district’s residents to make maximum use of the opportunity provided by NAYMOTE to help their leaders make development-driven decisions.

The project is also aimed at enabling the locals to adequately participate in local governance in the county’s number four district . 

Hon. Barchue said: “The project is codenamed, “Strengthening Community Capacity for Effective Local Governance and is being funded by TRUST Africa. It will be implemented by the National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE).”

NAYMOTE Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo, spoke at the official launch of the initiative.

Mr. Jarwolo said: “The organization seeks to intellectually empower residents District number one to play a pro-active role in the district’s leadership at both local and national levels.

He outlined the project’s objectives as giving locals unhindered access to all public policy documents, mainly laws enacted by the National Legislature, its implementation mechanism and the roles and, responsibilities of chiefs and other local leaders.

The project’s donor partner, TRUST Africa, described the capacity-building project as welcoming and assured NAYMOTE of a long-standing partnership between the two organizations.


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