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Elections Coordinating Committee begins deployment of observers

Jonathan Grisby/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Elections Coordinating Committee(ECC),Liberia
Elections Coordinating Committee(ECC),Liberia

MONROVIA,LIBERIA-The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) says it has begun the deployment of two thousand, one hundred and seventy observers of different categories for the October 10,2017 National Elections.

The first category, according to ECC Steering Committee Chairman, Oscar Bloh, will be the deployment of 89 long term observers; while for the short term 2000 observers will be deployed in all of the 73 electoral districts across the country.

He said: “Of the 2000 observers, 832 observers will be systematically deployed as response observers.”

Mr. Bloh also disclosed that 500 of these observers are part of a national sample based on a proportional distribution by district.

He said as part of ECC deployment strategy, 42 tally center observers will be deployed to cover all 19 magisterial offices and the national tally center.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bloh said the ECC has established a data center to release periodic reports on the conduct of the elections based on the information received from observers from the polling places.


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