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Voting peaceful but denial over identification issue arises

Jos Garneo Cephas
Some electoral workers attending to some of those denied of lack of  identification within the system.
Some electoral workers attending to some of those denied of lack of identification within the system.

BUCHANAN, LIBERIA- Voting has begun across Grand Bassa County as early as 8am particularly at many pulling centers in Buchanan City, with a smooth process but experiencing some difficulties by denying several voters over the lack of identification of particulars within the system.

The large turn up of people started reporting at 4: am to form queues   far ahead of four hours the National Election Commissions (NEC) official opening time in Gouzohn Electoral District # 3, composed of five centers with a total registered number of 550 voters.

The growing numbers of un identified people, according to NEC Presiding Officer, Amos Senkao said: “We are not finding it difficult with voting, the process started smoothly and is ongoing to make sure the total number of 550 are absorbed before polling close”.

Early voter who turn up at dawn to cast their votes but some were denied on lack of identification reason.

Presiding Officer Senkao, confirmed the un identification situation and said: “We have reported to the NEC Officer in charge of the situation and has promised thy will find solution in resolving the identification situation with the couple of people involved”. 

Our reporter on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 in Grand Bassa County says the situation could disfranchise hundreds of people, some of whom have expressed frustration over the situation.

With the presence of the joint security personnel including the Liberia National Police, the Immigration Service among others, they are making sure of that peace is maintained.

At the same time some women voters including Joanna Johnson, 19, a baby mother and a first time voter, expressed excitement amidst frustration over the voting at the polls.

One of the first time voters and a baby mother casting her vote

Annah Joe, 20, and a first time voter, praised the NEC for making the candidates visible and providing a spacious box for voters to mark their favorite candidates during the process.

Roseline S. Mulbah, is a baby mother and a second time voter. Shae said: To find the location of your number in the first place was difficult as the pulling staff did not know what to do with us a baby caring person”.

 In spite of the difficulties I did vote anyway. My vote today will make a great impart in my life, in proving jobs, education, good health care and empowerment that will make me take care of my children and be self-sufficient”.


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