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Government to dedicate Bopolu-Belleyela Road

By Kolubah Zayzay

(lbsonline/Liberia)-Gbarpolu County District Two Representative, Malai Gouto Gbogar, says the Bopolu-Belleyela road is expected to be completed shortly.

Representative Gbogar said: "The road, upon completion, will be formerly dedicated by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf July, 2013.”

Representative Gbogar told lbsonline that serious development activities are taking place in the county.
“Government has huge interest in constructing roads throughout the county,” she said.

The Gbarpolu County lawmaker’s comments are contrary to earlier claims in some quarters that development activities in the county are being stalled.

Representative Gbogar also said: “Government wants to connect the various towns and villages in the district to ease travelling difficulties the citizens are being faced with.”

The District  Two Representative also told lbsonline that her ascendency to the National Legislature is to ensure that the people of the district benefit from the government’s development agenda.

Meanwhile, the Gbarpolu County District-two lawmaker is commending Central Government for efforts toward completing the Bopolu-Belleyela Road.

“The Bopolu-Belleyela Road is the people’s heartbeat and when completed will enhance economic activities in the area,” she said.

Gbarpolu County District Number Two is an electoral district that comprises three administrative districts, including Bokomu, Geu-Nwolaila and Belleh.

The district is lying in the northern part of Gbarpolu County.


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