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LBS commended for professional elections coverage

Sulvester Green/Jos Garneo Cephas
LBS Director General, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie
LBS Director General, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Medicover Institute of Professional Studies is commending the Liberia Broadcasting System(LBS) for its professional coverage of the October 10, 2017 Presidential and Representative elections.

The Director of the institute, Mohammed Swaray, said: “The national broadcaster did extremely well in providing timely and accurate information to the public about the electoral process and afforded various candidates the opportunity to present their platforms to the Liberian people”.

Dr. Swaray spoke to ELBC Tuesday, October 17, 2017 and thanked workers of LBS for making the necessary sacrifices in serving the country.

He is therefore calling on those who might not win the elections to desist from activities that are counterproductive to the development of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the management of the Liberia Broadcasting System has expressed regrets over inaccurate report of the National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment, Dee Maxwell Kemanyah.

LBS Director General, Ledgerhood Rennie, has expressed his apology for any embarrassment the report may have caused  Mr. Kemanyah.

One of ELBC Correspondents, Tokpah Tarnue, reported that Mr. Kemanyah was caught disbursing money to influence voters in his party’s favor on the day of elections in Lofa County.

But police probe and LBS independent investigation later showed that the report lacked truth and that the reporter did not check his facts well.

LBS Director  Rennie said: “It was only but professional that the management apologize, having recognized such errors and that the situation was a shortcoming on the part of Correspondent Tarnue”.

Mr. Rennie however, hoped that the situation would serve as a lesson for Correspondent Tarnue and other young reporters to always adhere to the principles of good journalism.


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