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LIBERIA DECIDES-2017: Electoral demonstrations over fraud

George Momo/Jos Garneo Cephas
A first time voter  and baby mother exercising her democratic duty at the poll.
A first time voter and baby mother exercising her democratic duty at the poll.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Three Representative candidates and their supporters of Electoral District #3 in Maryland County are staging a peaceful demonstration at the local National Elections Commissions (NEC) offices in Harper City.

John Kloh of the All Liberian Party, Bill Tweh of the People’s Unification Party, and Edin Martin of the True Whig Party are alleging that the incumbent law maker, Rev. Dr. Isaac Blalu, had tempered with the October 10, 2017 ballot held in the District.

According to them, the incumbent brought into the district some Ivoirian citizens who allegedly participated in the elections and were also seen in several towns and villages on elections day with sample ballot papers marked in his favor.

The aggrieved Representative Candidates said they have formally filed complaint with the NEC’s local offices in the District to probe into the situation, but claim that ruling into the matter is being unduly delayed.

A formal hearing into another electoral complaint filed  with the NEC’s Magistrate by two Representative Candidates of the ruling Unity Party(UP) and the Liberty Party(LP) in Pokpah District #1, Grand Cape Mount County, has begun.

The UP Candidate, Samuel Killey, told ELBC: “I want a re-run of the election in the district because the number of people who voted at these centers is far above the number of registered voters, and the lack of electricity also created foul play in the process.”

Candidate Killey said it was difficult for observers to properly monitor the counting and tallying under the cover of darkness, while the LP candidate who our Correspondent did not name, has alleged that  Sierra Leoneans were also brought into the District to take part in the election.

Currently two other re-run had taken place in Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties, where some irregularities took place in some districts.  


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