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CDC frowns on UP's no-confidence statement in the NEC

Jonathan Grisby/Maximilian K.Kasseh, Jr.
The Carter Center
The Carter Center

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has termed the declaration made over the week end by the Unity Party(UP) of lack of confidence in the credibility of the National Elections Commission (NEC) and called for the desolation of the Commission’s leadership is a ploy to delay the November 7 run-off.

The CDC has also described the collaborative support given the Liberty Party(LP) by UP and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) in its quest to conduct the election run-off as a calculated ploy to undo the democratic process and plunge the Country into undue violence.

The UP, All Liberian Party (ALP) and the LP in a joint press conference over the week end expressed support for the LP lawsuit at the Supreme Court to conduct a re-run of the October 10 Presidential and Representative elections, using frauds as the basis of the law suit.

The UP said it also has no confidence in the credibility of the National Elections Commission to conduct the November 7 run-off election and called for the desolation of the Commission’s leadership.

But the CDC says the declaration is a secret tactic by the UP because it has foreseen a massive defeat in the run-off election, and admonished opposition parties to stay with the Ganta Declaration and defeat the ruling Unity Party.

Speaking to ELBC Monday, October 30, 2017, DC Spokesman, Sam Worzie, also caution the Supreme Court not to give credence to the LP for the re-run of the elections, as the CDC will not accept any politically motivated decision from the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the CDC Spokesman has commended Senator Prince Johnson and the gallant people of Nimba County for the overwhelm reception given Ambassador George Weah and Senator Johnson during their recent visit to that County.

Meanwhile, the Carter Center says it is encouraged by the manner by which aggrieved political parties are proceeding with their complaints against the National Elections Commission.

Carter Center Board of Trustee Chairman, Jason Carter, said the entity is glad that these parties are using appreciate legal dispute-resolution procedures provided in the Liberian law to seek redress.

Mr. Carter is quoted in a release as saying that the Center Election Observation Mission has been observing the proceedings and will continue to follow the process.

He said:” Political parties to allow NEC and courts to fulfill their function in the process and respect the Court’s final decisions.”

Mr. Carter said the presidential run-off is historic and based on that fact it will give way to a peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected president to another.


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