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Police Inspector Gen.-Police will continue to provide security

Edward Tamba/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman
Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman

MONROVIA-LIBERIA-Police Inspector General, Gregory Coleman, says necessary security corridors are being provided to secure credible outcomes of the electoral process currently under legal scrutiny.

Inspector General Coleman said:” The police are committed to continuing its works until all ongoing electoral matters in Liberia are peacefully concluded.”

Speaking in an ELBC interview Monday, Col.Coleman applauded the Joint Election Security Task Force for peacefully working together, adding that members of the Task Force will continue collaborating until the electoral process produces better results.

He emphasized the LNP’s preparedness to deliver better services regardless of whatever way the Court will rule on the ongoing alleged electoral fraud and irregularity case.

The Police Inspector General also promised to ensure that the police remains professional and takes seriously every complaint against LNP officers.


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