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Liberian surveyors Asso. cautions on Land Tenure Security

Jos Garneo Cephas
From (L-R) APLSL President, Josephus Burgess and  LLA Chairman, Dr. Othello Brandy addressing surveyors and other stakeholders who turned up for the program.
From (L-R) APLSL President, Josephus Burgess and LLA Chairman, Dr. Othello Brandy addressing surveyors and other stakeholders who turned up for the program.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Chairman of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is urging surveyors to live up to professional expectation in the discharge of their duty to enhance security and development.

LLA Chairman, Dr. Othello Brandy said: “Land tenure security, the surveyors and their profession can enhance national security and development”.

Dr. Brandy acknowledged the contributions of surveyors prior to their formation into Association of Professional Land Surveyors of Liberia (APLSL), but cautioned the group to avoid unethical practices.

Chairman Brandy made the statement Tuesday, November 21, 2017 in Monrovia, when he officially opened ‘Symposium-2017’, a three day capacity building and interactive forum of surveyors, with theme ‘the Security of Tenure of the Liberia Land Tenure System’.

Dr. Barany assured the surveyors association to remain proactive and embrace opportunities of training government was putting in place through the assistance of USAID-LGSA, the World Bank and others partners.

The symposium was sponsored and facilitated by USAID-Land Governance Support Activity in Liberia and organized by the APLSL, the first of an initiative to bring together surveyors under one umbrella in the country.

Currently the age of the youngest surveyors in Liberia ranges between 50-65, while the last training of surveyors in the country is dated as far back in 1983 about 34 years ago.

In his opening remarks, the President of APLSL, Josephus Burgess, said the symposium must set a pace to recognize Liberia’s unique traditional and cultural values in the land tenure system.

The issue of Security of Tenure was addressed from various dimensions including the role of the Center for National Documents and Records Archive (CNDRA) by the Director General, P. Broh Sayeh as well as the role of the Department of Land and Surveys and Cartography.

For his part, the New Chief of Party of USAID-Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA), Dr. Yohannes Gbremedlin, facilitated the topic, the donor role  for the Security of Tenure, including other interested areas on the Security of Tenure of land related matters.

Mr. Burgess said: “The symposium is important because it marks the end of an era of non-existence of records on policy system governing the land tenure system of the country and the beginning of building a land information system”.

He said Liberian has being lacking behind in the absence of political will to engage technical education and training and the procurement of necessary modern technologies to befit the land sector.

The APLSUL Boss thanked surveyors of the nation for the steadfastness in providing services to the country in spite of the challenges they faced.

He admonished members of the association to work with all stakeholders, included LLA, USAID-LGSA, the World Bank and other he lauded for their interventions.


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