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Minister Hilary Sirleaf-Respect the rule of law

Joseph Sayon/Maximilian Kasseh, Jnr.
The Temple of Justice,Liberia
The Temple of Justice,Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Assistant Justice Minister for Correction, Hilary Sirleaf, is calling on all Liberians to respect the rule of law.

Assistant Minister Sirleaf said respecting the rule of law is the surest way to sustaining the Country’s peace and stability.

The Assistant Justice Minister said: “Respecting the rule of law and maintaining the peace are citizens’ responsibilities to their Country.”

He frowned on acts of violence in the country and challenged Liberians to identify the causes of violence and to find solutions to the menace.

Assistant Minister Sirleaf spoke Tuesday, December 12, 2017, when he proxied for Justice Minister, Frederick Cheru, at a Scholar program held at the University of Liberia Fendell Campus.


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