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President Weah addresses 54th National Legislature

Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
President George Manneh Weah
President George Manneh Weah

MONROVIA.LIBERIA-President George Weah says his administration is inheriting a broken economy, noting that more needs to be done to strengthen the Government.

President Weah said infliction, unemployment and foreign reserves, among others, are major factors created by the bad economy his administration is inheriting.

Delivering the First State of the Nation Address Monday, January 29,2018, President Weah called on members of the 54th National Legislature to work collaboratively with the Executive to address the economic issues confronting the Country.

He also vowed to introduce priority legislations to address the current economic situation based on the four pillars in his platform.

President Weah named youth empowerment, improved education, health systems and gender equality as major issues he will address.

The President has, with immediate effect, reduced his salary and benefits by 25 percent in the interest of the Liberian people, and called on legislators to follow suit.

The Liberian Leader said proceeds from the reduction will be used for the Country’s development, adding that the measure is part of his Government’s Pro-Poor Policy as the economy is in shambles.

President Weah stressed the urgent need to better the lives of ordinary Liberians through strong policies that will narrow the economic gap between the rich and poor.

The President also pledged his unflinching support to dual-citizenship adding that dual citizenship cannot be denied Liberian citizenship.

He said: “Revamping the economy is a serious challenge but with assistance from foreign governments, his administration’s agenda will be realized.”

President Weah further emphasized the need for people of non-negro descent to be granted the right to own land in Liberia.
People of non-negro descent are commonly referred to as people of white color.

President Weah said that if Liberia must developed, people of non-negro descent should be given the opportunity to become citizens and own properties in Liberia.

He said granting such opportunity will serve as guarantee for them to meaningfully contribute to the development of the Country without any fear of being marginalized.

The Liberian Leader said conditions that necessitate the prohibition of other colors from land ownership no longer exist, and as such, they need to be considered in the development plan of Liberia.

The President then pledged his unflinching support for dual-citizenship, adding that Liberian cannot be denied citizenship and the right to participate in the governance and development process of the Country.


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