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Health Ministry launches Nationwide Measles Campaign

Lucia Dohr/Maximilian K.Kasseh, Jr.
Ministry of Health,Republic of Liberia
Ministry of Health,Republic of Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia-The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Liberia today launched a nationwide measles campaign in Monrovia.

During the launch, Liberia Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Kateh, said the measles campaign is aimed at protecting children from 6 to 59 weeks against the disease.

According to Dr. Kateh, children are the future of the nation and as such, the launch of the campaign is paramount to saving their lives.

He said:” If Liberia is to be strong and vibrant, the health of Liberian Children needs to be prioritized.”

Dr. Kateh also described measles as a deadly disease and that the fight against it must not be compromised.
Meanwhile, Dr. Kateh is urging parents and care-givers to take advantage of the measles vaccines to help save the lives of Liberian Children.

The Liberian Chief Medical Officer spoke Thursday, February 15, 2018, during the official launch of the program at the Paynesville Town Hall.


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