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A 2.8Km road project to be built in Grand Kru County

James Suah/Maximilian K.Kasseh, Jr.
Ministry of Agriculture,Liberia
Ministry of Agriculture,Liberia

GRAND KRU COUNTY, LIBERIA-The Agriculture Ministry has broken grounds for the construction of a 2.8 kilometer road project, valued at over 1.2 Million U.S. Dollars in Grand Kru County.

The project is supported by the African Development Bank and will connect Big Felenken and Princess-Grandcess waterside areas.

The initiative is part of the Ministry’s small holder Agriculture Productivity Enhancement and Communalization Project (SAPEC).

Our Correspondent said SAPEC will construct 1.8km road from Barclay Ville to Princess through Grandcess Waterside and a 10km from Barclay Ville to Big Felenken.

SAPEC Project Coordinator, William Kawalawu, said:” The project will reduce rural poverty and household food security by increasing income for small holder farmers.”

Mr.Kawalawu said the project is under the auspices of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAP).

He disclosed that the SAPEC project is currently covering twelve of Liberia’s fifteen counties to boost small holder agriculture productivities.

The SAPEC Project Coordinator was speaking at the Barclay City Hall Friday, February 16, 2018, where he called on residents of Grand Kru County to take ownership of the project.


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