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Citizens solicit signatures to remove lawmaker

By Augustine Myers
Montserrado County District Number Seven Representative, Solomon George
Montserrado County District Number Seven Representative, Solomon George

(lbsonline/Liberia)-Montserrado County, District Number Seven citizens have begun soliciting signatures for impeachment proceeding against their Representative, Solomon George.

Representative George is reported to have recently made insulting statements against Monrovia City Mayor, Mary Broh, while addressing a forum in Minnesota, the United States of America.

The citizens have also described Representative George as an embarrassment to the District and people and therefore expressed a vote of no-confidence in him.

A Spokesman of the citizens, Sieh Dorley said: “Representative George is in the habit of reining invectives on peaceful citizens, including public officials.”

Mr. Dorley said: “The decision to launch impeachment proceeding against their Lawmaker followed a Mass Citizens’ Meeting in the District.” “We are soliciting at least 2000 signatures to be presented the National Legislature for the impeachment of Representative Solomon George”, Mr. Dorley added.

According to him, instead of seeking support for poverty-stricken citizenry, Representative George has continued engaging in activities that are inimical to his status.

“The District lacks basic social services like safe-drinking water and health care facilities, that Representative George should be advocating for, instead of engaging in acts that are counter-productive to the development of the district,” The citizens’ spokesman also emphasized.

Representative George is presently on an official visit in the United States, where he reportedly made unfavorable statements.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker’s statements are being condemned in Liberia, with most citizens and foreign residents describing him as an embarrassment to the Honorable Office in which he sits.

Representative George is noted for being a controversial Lawmaker, who is always in the news for reining invectives on others, especially his fellow public officials. 


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