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Minister Worzie: The CDC-led Government has a plan

Edward Tamba, Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Assistant Minister for Information Services,Samuel Worzie
Assistant Minister for Information Services,Samuel Worzie

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Government of Liberia has denied rumors that it does not have fixed plan on how to proceed in the governance system.

According to Assistant Information Minister for Media Services, Samuel Wozie, the government intends to conduct an audit of the entire country in the next hundred days.

Minister Wozie said:” The audit is intended to ascertain whether or not the previous government left the Country broke.”

According to Minister Wozie, the Weah-led government intends to address peace and security, rule of law, reconciliation, justice and judicial reforms, as part of its plan,

Speaking to this station Tuesday, February 27, 2018, Minister Wozie said the government will address economic transformation ensuring an effective private sector in the Country.

Minister Samuel Wozie further said that President George Weah is committed to good governance and freedom of speech.

He said the Liberian Government remains open to the Press, noting that media practitioners should make maximum use of free speech in the Weah-led Government.

He re-iterated government’s commitment to promote free speech as announced in President Weah’s inaugural address.

The Assistant Minister maintained that media practitioners will not be intimidated under the CDC-led Government.

Minister Wozie stressed the Weah-led government’s desire to promote justice and an equal society, including the freedom of association.


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