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Pro-democracy group calls for concessionaires review

Edward Tamba/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-A Pro-democracy group is calling for the inclusive and thorough review of all concessionaires in Liberia.

The group, Movement against Bad Labor Practices, illegal dismissal and bad governance is also calling for the involvement of all key stakeholders in the concession review process.

A release issued on March 7, 2018, quotes the group’s Executive Director, Anthony Williams, as frowning on the 52nd Legislature for overseeing the enactment of those concessions that are without concrete benefits to the people.

The release says Mr. Williams’ comments were contained in separate letters to the Concession Review Committee recently setup by President George Weah.

Among several recommendations, Mr. Williams wants the Committee to request all payrolls of those concessioners to enable them understand the salary structure.

Mr. Williams is asking the Concession Review Committee to request the full listing of all consultants within the various concessionaires to know what kinds of consultancy such individual are providing.


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