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Prez. Weah submits 2017/2018 fiscal budget to Legislature

Varflay Kamara/Jos Garneo Cephas
President George MAnneh Weah
President George MAnneh Weah

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-President George Weah has submitted the government’s fiscal budget for the year 2017/2018 to the National Legislature.

President Weah, in a communication to the House said: “Continual macroeconomic shock have caused serious drop in the prices major exports and impacted revenue generation”.

The communication, issued Wednesday, March 8, 2018 was accompanied by the recast budget to Legislature, said the 2017 General Elections and the lingering aftermath of the Ebola crisis also affected the country’ revenue by a short fall of US83.7million since January 31, 2018.

President Weah stressed: “We are placing more focus on alleviating poverty and promote inclusive Pro-Poo growth and take tough fiscal decisions to control expenditure”.

On the basis of the approved 2017/2018 revenue envelop, tax revenue accounts for US401.4million while non-tax revenue accounts for 100.4million among others. When consider, it will facilitate government’s operations ahead of the next fiscal year which starts in few months.

The document is being sent to the House Committee on Ways and Means, Finance and Public Accounts at the House of Representatives for review.


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