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Over Motorcyclists: Senate frowned at Police IGP

Jarp David/Jos Garneo Cephas
Liberian National Police Inspector General (IGP), Patrick Sudu
Liberian National Police Inspector General (IGP), Patrick Sudu

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberian Senate has frowned on Police Inspector General (IGP), Patrick Sudu’s decision for lifting the ban on two of the 13 no go zones of commercial motor bicycles in Monrovia City.

The Senate, however, has instructed Col. Sudue to hold consultations with all stake holders who were previously involved with the imposition of the ban on the commercial motor cyclists.

The Police IGP following his appearance before the Senate was also mandated not to lift any other ban apart from the two zones being used as a test case

Col. Sudue told the Senate: “I am only using the two zones as a test case based on the change in behavior of motorcyclists”.

The Police IGP recently issued statement of instruction urging motorcyclists to ply the Red-Light to Free of Monrovia rout and the Red-Light to ELWA Junction as well.


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