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Speaker Chambers halts motion seeking audit reports

Jos Garneo Cephas/Varflay Kamara

 Speaker Bhofal Chambers and  Auditor General of GAC, Yusador Gaye
Speaker Bhofal Chambers and Auditor General of GAC, Yusador Gaye

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers, has halted a motion seeking comprehensive audit reports in committee rooms.

Hon. Chambers said to Plenary: “Enough time must be given to members of the Public Account and Expenditure committee to review the concerned audit reports and  the report be done with care to avoid missteps”.

The motion on the audit reports was proffered by Monsterrado County Rep. Dixon Siboe, originated from a communication by Lofa County Rep. Francis Nyumalin.

Rep. Nyumalin in his communication to Plenary expressed concerns over the barrage of audit reports still kept in files in committee rooms at both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Under the House's rule, the Speaker has the right to seize a motion and make a determination if necessary.

The Audit reports were submitted to the Public Account and Expenditure Committee of the Legislature from the General Audit Commission (GAC).

Before the House Speaker suspension the motion, lawmakers in the House Chambers have earlier debated the communication without finding a way forward.

In spite of the Speaker’s decision it still remains unclear the committee will begin reviewing the audit reports brought send before that August body by the GAC.

The Auditor General of GAC, Yusador Gaye, in the meantime, is calling on members of the Legislature to take speedy action by looking to stock piled of audit reports they submitted to them.

Madam Gaye said: “To achieve the government’s pro-poor agenda, lawmakers must begin taking serious audit reports from the GAC and invite auditors for a joint review of audit reports where necessary”.

The GAC has conducted 36 audits with limited resources while 177 audits were done in 2017.


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