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14 Military Teaching Hospital a symbol of Development

Jos Garneo Cephas
Designed plan of the '14 Military Hospital' insert is President Weah breaking grounds of the Hospital.
Designed plan of the '14 Military Hospital' insert is President Weah breaking grounds of the Hospital.

MARGIBI COUNTY, LIBERIA- The Commander - In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, says Liberians can achieve their desire goals if they promote and defend the country’s cause; and wants the construction of the '14 Military Teaching Hospital' seen as a symbol of many developmental initiatives to come.

“You will soon see that I am a man of action and deeds, not of empty words and talk, my words is my bound. I do more than just talking, I act, I do more than just promise but deliver, I have always kept my promises because promise means everything, once it is broken, sorry means nothing,” President Weah said.

The C-I-C spoke at the ground breaking ceremony to construct the first Military Teaching Hospital held Monday, March 26, 2018, at the Edward Beyan Kesselly Military Barracks in Schiefflin, Lower Margibi County.

He said: “I expressed my doubt that with the present constraint on funding, training, logistics and the apparent inability of government to provide the social needs, including housing, education and medical facility, could ever be fulfilled”.

The hospital named and styled the ‘14 Military Teaching Hospital’, was a promise made to the Liberian people by President George Weah six weeks ago when he pledged to provide the security sector a health facility for their exclusive use.

The Liberian leader stressed the lack of specialized medical facility for the country’s men and women in arms, as making it difficult for wounded Liberian soldiers returning from peace mission abroad to be evacuated to other foreign countries for specialized treatment they required.

He maintained that very often military officers and their family members are given no priority and are left languishing in private walls of hospitals and clinics with less concern, for which, according to him he promised to build the hospital that would take care of them and other civilians.

The Liberian Chief Executive said: “The new hospital will be equipped and staffed by trained staff and as a teaching Hospital, will train men and women in arms to fulfill my promise, as government has approved the design and plan for the hospital and acquired funding”. President Weah did not however mention the cost for the construction of the 150-bed Military Hospital.

How did the name 14-Military Hospital emerged

The ‘14 Military Hospital’ is named in remembrance of number 14, representing the # 14 Jersey used by George Weah, while playing on his nation’s national team-The Lone Star- before winning the FIFA 1995 Ballon o’rdor Award and world Best player of the year.


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