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LACE extolled for excellence implementation

Richard Monibah/Jos Garneo Cephas

SINOE COUNTY, LIBERIA -The implementation of government’s community empowerment projects, particularly the Legislative Support Project (LSP), has been described as successful and positive in impacting and improving the livelihoods of citizens in leeward counties.

Sinoe County, Senator J. Milton Teahjay said: “The Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), is doing excellent job in properly implementing the Legislative Support Project (LSP) which has helped greatly in easing the burdens amongst locals who have more need for accessing quality social services”.

Sen. Teahjay, spoke March 17, 2018, in Sinoe County where he joined LACE in the ceremonies marking the full completion of the Butaw Elementary School, and a Youth Center in Kabada, Kpanyan Statutory District.

He emphasized, that LACE had been playing a key role in making Lawmakers    achieve their development agenda for their people at the baseline community level. “With this, LACE is helping me realize my dreams of development for my people,” Sen. Teahjay pointed out.

He made specific mention of his LSP project- the Butaw Community School, of which his current portfolio puts him in a better position in the future to ensure reducing the long walking distance his kinsmen faced in their daily schooling in the quest for quality education.

Sen. Teahjay reminisced that “growing up as a child myself, I trekked an hour and half every morning to get to the ‘nearest’ school facility. Now with the availability of LACE as government agency responsible for implementation of the LSP, such ugly past has been reversed with the construction of a modern school building in Butaw Community which will ease the difficulties my people were experiencing”.

The standout member of the Liberian Senate wants LACE remain on course with the professional manner in which LACE is proceeding with the implementation of the LSP by updating Legislators facilitating the projects, cooperating with county authorities, project beneficiaries and adhering to regulations required to make implementation successful.

Like the elementary school in Butaw, Senator Teahjay also cut ribbon to the brand new youth center project in Kabada, fitted with latrine and office facilities as well as a stage in the spacious sitting area and urged his people to make proper use of the facilities and prioritize maintenance at all times.

The LACE Legislative Support Project Coordinator, Sam L.P. Bedford said: “As a government institution LACE is committed to its responsibility of community empowerment through skills training for the youth, and provision of basic infrastructure such as roads, bridges & culverts, health & learning facilities among other”.

He hailed the LACE project team for living up to the LSP project portfolio which he noted, is attracting commendations from the national government and the public and assured the Legislature of LACE’s continuous cooperation in the implementation of the Legislative Support Project.

Bedford said, the LACE Boss, Quiwu Yeke, will ensure that government projects through LACE touch the lives of Liberians in remotest parts of the country.

He said LACE will take into consideration, the provision of needed livelihood opportunities that enable every Liberian live decently and contribute their quota to national decision making and development.

The Liberian government makes annual budgetary allocation for implementation of the Legislative Support Project (LSP) which LACE implements over a fiscal period.

Senators and Representatives facilitate the exercise by ensuring that their constituents decide which project (s) make the most needed interventions to address an infrastructural inadequacy or lack of a basic social service.


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