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President Weah’s government begins bearing good fruits? (Part5)

Jacob N.B. Parley
President George Manneh Weah
President George Manneh Weah

I am told that one of the good attributes of good leadership is the ability and willingness for one to lead by example.

Before going further, the example being talked about is a very constructive one that others may follow for the good of any given society or environment.

“When the leader sets the pace for good leadership, the people will follow; when the same leader lays the foundation for bad governance the followers will do the same.” A veteran Liberian politician once told me during an informal gathering in Central Monrovia several years back.

Since the inception of the Coalition for Democratic Change –led Government, under the captainship of former international football icon and former Montserrado County Senator, George Manneh Weah, I started running a series of media opinions dedicated to the preposition of helping to highlight some of the good things being done by the current Liberian government.

These series of publications are also aimed at helping to put government on guide, relative to other happenings that could undermine international good will.

In this case, I usually remind government of any form of negative practices that could hamper the transformation process of a country that is clearly languishing behind others in the sub region, and in fact across the globe.

                               The author: Jacob N.B. Parley

The piece of task being undertaken by me does not however suggest that no other Liberian journalist or other professionals are doing similar nationalistic writings or contributions to Liberia, through their respective skills.        


1. In (Part One) of the publications, carried in several local dailies, including the Heritage, Analyst, News, Informer and the website of the Liberia Broadcasting System, I focused on the commitments made by the African Development Bank, in the tune of $10 Million United Sates Dollars and the Word Bank’s initial $24.7 Million US Dollar.

2. In part (Two) of the series of appealing features, also carried by some of the same local dailies, including the News, my focus was on the President’s three-legged visit to Senegal, Morocco and the European nation of France.

I published the feature on President Weah’s trip to Paris, France, by looking at what came out of the trip for the country.
The reason for dwelling on the Liberian leader’s trip to France was to simply appeal to fellow Liberians to look at what came out of the trip rather than only looking at how much was spent to make the trip.

3. Part (Three) of the publications looked at the President’s announced reduction in salary and benefits.

It can be recalled that while Ambassador Weah was addressing the 54th Legislature of Liberia on January 29, 2018 for the first time in his capacity as President of the country, he spoke about the unfavorable economic situation Liberia is found in currently. He said his leadership inherited a broken economy or country.

Perhaps realizing that no modern country can properly function in the midst of such unfavorable economic constraints, he spoke about how these problems can be addressed. President Weah, to set the pace for others to follow, announced 25% cut in his salary and benefits.

I recommended that the announced 25% salary and benefits reduction be pushed to needy sectors of the country.

Truly after my publication, the Liberian leader has surrendered the 25% to members of the National Teachers Association of Liberia.   What a great and worthy decision!

4. (Part Four) of the opinions focused on the recent goodwill of the Government and people of India, regarding the donation of 50 buses   and ambulances to Liberia.

Part Five:
5. In today’s edition, I am looking at the surrendering of the President’s announced 25% cut in his salaries and benefits to members of the National Teachers Association of Liberia.

Based on the Wednesday, April 11, 2018 Edition of the New Democrat Newspaper, President Weah has directed that the 25% cut he  declared deducted from his salary and benefits on 29 January this year be remitted into the accounts of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL).

According to the local daily, the disclosure was made by the President of NATAL, Mary Nyumah. The Liberian Chief Executive gave the instructions following a meeting with the leadership of the National Teachers Association of Liberia.

The remittance will help address the issue of welfare and the current state of the teaching profession in Liberia.

Madam Nyumah is quoted by the New Democrat Newspaper as saying, the government flagship ‘Pro-Poor’ Policy and plans for quality education for all Liberians will be achieved if the needed financial support is given to the education sector.

“The President invited the National Teachers Association of Liberia to get firsthand information. After we explained the problems confronting the institution, the President immediately directed 25% of his monthly salary he deducted is specifically given to the NTAL,” Mrs. Nyumah told the local daily.

Based on statistics from stakeholders in the Liberian education sector, it is beset with infrastructural constraints and provision of quality education. The United Nations agency for education also estimates that more than 60 percent of primary school age children lack access to education.

Among other important matters, the Liberian leader said efforts will always be made to revive the education system of the country.

As I mentioned from the beginning of this article, these actions by President Weah are a clear demonstration of his commitment to moving Liberia ahead by leading by example. I look forward to the President keeping along the good path he has begun with since he officially took over Liberia as its head.

I am of the strong believe that keeping his promises to the Liberian people will help  in moving the country ahead, by building upon the foundation established by his predecessors, particularly Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Once again, directing that amounts accrued from the 25% cut in the President’s salary and benefits go to members of the National Teachers Association of Liberia will help add value to their work and further motivate them to keep molding the minds of the citizens, particularly the youth.

At the same time, I appeal to the leadership of the National Teachers Association of Liberia to ensure that its members embrace the President’s goodwill by performing up to national expectation; meaning that adequate time must be put in to do their work with the highest degree of professionalism and honesty, amongst others.I equally look forward to some upward adjustment in the salaries of all civil servants across Liberia so that what they earn can coop with Liberia’s current economic realities.
Please watch out for part six of these series of media opinions.

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