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Rights violations still occurring in Liberia-campaigner

By Moses Garzewu
Ambassador Commany Wesseh and James Yarsiah
Ambassador Commany Wesseh and James Yarsiah

 (lbsonline/Liberia)-A human rights campaigner says there are still grave human rights violations taking place in Liberia.

According to the Executive Director of the Rice and Rights Foundation, James Yarsiah, it has been over ten years since the civil crisis ended, but human rights issues in the country are still far from being resolved.

He named civil and political rights violations, citizens not being treated fairly before the law, as well as women, disable and minority groups continuously being abused by people, who supposed to protect them, as being some of the human rights violations in Liberia.

Mr. Yarsiah recognized government and its international partners’ efforts toward establishing the court system by training key legal practitioners, and the construction of the Regional Justice Hub in Bong County as welcoming.

He also hailed government for the establishment of the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHRC) that focuses on rights issues in the country.

Mr. Yarsiah said: “Despite these achievements, the issue of support has become a serious issue in fast-tracking the Rice and Rights Foundation’s functions.”

The Rice and Rights Foundation Executive Director wants government place more emphasis on strengthening these organizations through logistical and financial support to help curb the human rights violations in Liberia.

He spoke recently when the Foundation, in collaboration with Search for Common Ground in Liberia, launched a human rights project.

The project is named and styled, “Renewing the Social Contract– Strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights in Liberia”. 


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