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CIC, Liberian rising star

Liberia Entertainment/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
CIC,One of Liberia's biggest artists
CIC,One of Liberia's biggest artists

One of Liberia's most loved and successful young talented artistes, Maurice Terziq Gayflor known in the showbiz circles as CIC (Craloy Boy) has captured the heart of many Liberian music lovers with his unique style called 'Kolopop'.

Kolopop, according to CIC, is a sound that merges several different beats and harmonies to create a unique vibe

The last few years have seen Liberian music explode in popularity all over the world, with CIC's songs scoring No. 1 place on the Liberian music chart with his song called "Brother" which he featured Casimoney, one of Liberia's finest lyricists.

The chart-topping song was a hit to the extent it became a National Anthem for some period.

Interestingly, the track was also remixed by most of Liberia's top musicians and used as a tribute song for the late Liberian icon Quincy B.

CIC has had collaborations with the son of the Vice President of Liberia, TanTan B and other great Liberian musicians like Rude Boy, Kizzy W, Mr. Smith Christoph, Speedo Kobazie, Killer Beat and Feouls.

He was recently in Ghana for collaboration with Ghanaian artistes and will soon be releasing a single hot tune with one of Ghana's best rappers anytime soon. However, his management will unveil the Ghanaian rapper at right time.

CIC is one of Liberia most influential figures. He is a songwriter, singer and rapper, who has hits like "John Buttay", "Peking John" and "Advice".
"Advice" now runs the nation and has got millions of Liberians dancing to it, according to reports.

With his record label, SOG Records, he is intended to become the “powerhouse of music in Liberia”.

His hard work has led him in a race of becoming MTN Liberia Brand Ambassador as rumours are being spread that he is in a comfortable lead in the race followed by Christoph and Stunner.

He also features the Liberian multi award-winning artiste, Deng on his recent single titled "Itchy Ritch"

This track has been the most talk about song in Liberia over the past weeks and the feedback from many Liberian music lovers has been quite positive, however, the pioneer of 'Kolopop' remains a key figure in Liberia music scene.

His record label, SOG Records, of which King Jaffar is the CEO got three of the country most influential musicians – Casimoney, Kizzy W and CIC, to discuss the evolution of Liberian music over the last two years, the current musical climate in Liberia, and how the term Koloquase (the local Liberian English) is finding it difficult for many of the local Liberian musicians to penetrate into mainstream.

He is looking forward to penetrating through the Ghanaian market soon


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