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Commencement of 2018 Liberia national basketball league uncertain

Liberia Sports online/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Scene from the LBA League in Monrovia
Scene from the LBA League in Monrovia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The long-awaited Extraordinary Congress of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) that was expected to be held on Thursday, May 3,2018, at the Association’s Headquarters on Broad Street could not be held due to the absence of 80 percent of the stakeholders.

According to the LBA, the congress was due to kick off the national league, which has not been played for months. Liberian basketball has been facing serious crisis with many of the stakeholders expressing their dissatisfactions in the current LBA leadership, which is headed by Rufus Anderson.

One of such stakeholders that did not show up for the congress is the president of female outfit K-Delta, Mr. Abraham Samukai, who frown at the way the game is been run in Liberia.

In a letter sent to the LBA, Samukai said he wonders why his team’s name is not listed among the clubs that have registered to participate in the upcoming national league. The K Delta president asserted that he paid his club’s registration fee, but a letter issued him to participate in the congress did not indicate his club’s name.

“I am a registered president of K-Delta to date with all financial records. I noticed that K-Delta is not listed on your document sent out, requesting me to participate in the Association’s Extraordinary General Assembly.”

He indicated that it is inconceivable to send citation for Extraordinary Congress Assembly when last season the league was never concluded with closing activities.

“There has been no financial report  submitted to the Executive Committee of the LBA for onward submission to stakeholders and finally, under the constitution, a proposed agenda should be sent to all stakeholders and adopted by the assembly, none of such was  mentioned,” he charged.

The memorandum sent to the association’s registered team presidents for the congress made it clear that all teams’ presidents should be present and on time as vital issues relative to the state of affairs of basketball in Liberia and its future would be discussed.

Meanwhile, LBA president Anderson on Wednesday told this paper that his Association’s 2018 national league will  kick off Saturday, April 5, and the opening match will  be played between Fire and Island Clippers while Island Calves meets Cape Mount Wizards to close the day’s encounters–all in the third division.

Anderson, in an exclusive interview with a local daily on Wednesday, May 2, revealed that  all was set for the commencement of the 2018 national league and that an extraordinary congress was to be held on Thursday, May 3. Unfortunately, the Congress didn’t go as was anticipated by Anderson.

With the abandonment of the Congress, it is now unclear when the long-awaited league will kickoff.


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