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First Lady visits Liberia’s Embassy in China

Francis Pelenah/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Liberia's First Lady Clar Marie Weah
Liberia's First Lady Clar Marie Weah

BEIJING, CHINA-Liberia’s First Lady, Clar Marie Weah has thanked the staff at the Liberian Embassy near the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for the hard work they are doing on behalf of the Country.

According a dispatch from Beijing, the Liberian First Lady made the comments when she visited the mission while on a brief visit to China.

She indicated as ‘First Lady’ of Liberia, she is also hard at work trying to help the disadvantaged people within the society.

First Lady Weah thanked the staff for the warm welcome, praised the close relations and how supportive China continues to be to the Government and people of Liberia.

Speaking earlier, Ambassador Dudley McKinley Thomas warmly welcomed the First Lady and delegation to Beijing, noting that the visit is symbolic of the strong relationship that exists between the People’s Republic of China and Liberia.

Ambassador Thomas reassured Mrs. Weah that the mission in China is cognizant of the good work she has started in Liberia.

He promised that the Embassy will do its part in promoting her work by reaching out to rally support for the foundation.


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