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Harbel College wants support for Liberian Women Football…

Kolubah Zayzay /Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Harbel Women's Team
Harbel Women's Team

HARBEL, MARGIBI COUNTY-Liberian Women Football has gone dormant since a new leadership took over the running of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) in 2010.

Liberia has seen a huge decline in women football as several clubs have disappeared (disbanded), and many trained players have moved to either Kickball or other activities outside sports.

Women football was gradually gaining momentum just before 2010, with Liberia fielding its National Women Football Team in couple of international competitions.

There is no support to women football and clubs in Liberia, as such; the women’s game keeps declining. There are only 7 women clubs in the entire country and all are self-supported and lack the means to function properly.

This, the College thinks, is not good and must be changed.

The College located in Lower Margibi County has since joined the campaign to draw the attention of key sports stakeholders to the plight of women football and create the first college women football team.

The College President, Dr. Syruwah Soma, the Chief Architect of the Harbel Women Football team, told State Radio’s Soccer Show Program that football stakeholders have not been showing commitment in helping ladies with football playing aspirations succeed.         

Dr. Soma said “it’s unfortunate that Liberia has no definite plan for women football development despite the country’s involvement in women’s football more than two decades now”.

The College’s Women team has been in existence for almost a year now, but seems frustrated over the lock of a women football league at college level or a regular competitive league at the LFA.

The team has been involved with series of matches, including staging a one-day women soccer tournament at the weekend in honor of Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Clar Weah, who is also CAF Ambassador for Women Football for Africa.

The College’s Women Team known as the ‘Hippopotamus‘ defeated another newly created team in the Firestone area, Queens FC 3-1 in penalties to win the tournament.

The First Lady of Liberia, however, did not attend the games despite the publicity of the tournament and the huge turned out of football fans at the mini stadium in Harbel. 

The Harbel College President was, however, not deterred because of the absence of CAF Ambassador for Women Football for Africa from the tournament, as he said it was an honor that Liberia had the CAF Ambassador residing in the Country.

He said hopes were high at the college that Amb. Clar Weah’s appointment as Caf Ambassador for Women Football for Africa will help Liberian Women game.

Dr. Soma said with her presence, Liberia Women Soccer teams can climb the mountains if the needed support and priority are given the women’s game. “The World is watching Liberia on how the country will utilize the Caf Ambassador.” Dr. Soma said.

He called on football and education stakeholders to ensure that women football is introduced at all colleges and universities across the country.

He said competitive football competitions among College and University women football teams is one of the surest ways the game can be revamped.

According to Dr. Soma, players on the College women team are mostly high school students who the college is encouraging to enroll after graduation.

The college also has a formidable men’s football team which currently plays series of test matches with other Third Division teams.


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