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FIFA Orders “Chronological Steps” to solve LFA Presidential Election Dispute…as Bility Stays on

Kolubah Zayzay/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.
World   Football Governing  Body FIFA
World Football Governing Body FIFA

MONROVIA,LIBERIA-Football World Body FIFA has finally have a say in the disputed Liberia Football Association (LFA) Presidential election with a mandate to the LFA to take a Chronological steps to settle the impasse that has kept Liberian football hostage.

FIFA, in a communication to the Secretary General of the LFA Tuesday, June 5, 2018, released findings into their recent assessment mission to Liberia where a three-man delegation probed into the disputed LFA election.

In its communication to the Liberia Football Association, FIFA ordered the local football house to undertake what it calls “Chronological steps” to harmonize the eligibility criteria for the position of President in the LFA Statutes, to avoid further contradiction and confusion.

FIFA said in its communication: “We take note that there is contradiction in the LFA statutes regarding the eligibility criteria for the position of president. Art. 45 par. 4 and art. 58 par. 1 of the LFA statutes stipulate different eligibility criteria”.

FIFA also said that the LFA should submit the new draft revised statutes to Zurich for review and approval.

The World body of football also wants an extraordinary Congress held to amend and ratify the L.F.A. statutes and convene new election for the position of president, whereby the LFA Congress shall elect a president for the repose of the Executives Committee’s mandate which began on 14 April 2018.

In the communication, FIFA also recognizes the 13 Executive Committee members who were elected at the April 14 Congress, just before the Court Injunction was issued.

However, FIFA said Musa Hassan Bility will remain on as president until a successor to him is elected.

The World Body communication added,With due consideration of art. 57 par‚ 2 of the LFA statutes, which stipulates that "if the President absent or unavailable, the first Vice President shall act as President [...] “, and of art. 58 part.3 of the LFA statutes which specifically provides that the  LFA President's mandate lasts for four years and begins after the Congress which elected him (...)",and considering also  the  fact that the election of the new president was not completed due to the decision of the Court, we consider that failing a  president being elected to carry out this function, the  current president is t0 continue to act as president of the LFA until a new president is eventually elected by the LFA congress. He is indeed present and available and his mandate has not terminated with the last Congress, as this congress could not achieve its goal to elect his successor. This interpretation of your regulation appears coherent and in line with its purpose”.


FIFA also said registration fees levied by the LFA must be justified and proportionate and not exceed the approximate administrative costs of handling a candidate.

It also wants the George Solo’s issue with the elections committee address accordingly as FIFA could take further measures against Liberia if any “unilateral action” is imposed against the LFA.


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