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Freetown not a difficult hunting ground- BYC Manager

By Richard Manubah
Line up of Liberian Second Division BYC II
Line up of Liberian Second Division BYC II

(lbsonline/Liberia)-Liberian 2nd division club, BYC II, vow to fight teeth-and-nail in Freetown to produce the result needed to see them through to the next stage of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

BYC II will travel to Free Town, the Capital City of neighboring Sierra Leone, next week to face FC Johansen in the prestigious African Confederation Cup.

The Liberian Club is in the driver’s seat with a 1-0 victory over her Sierra Leonean counterpart. The team earned the victory in a tight contest in Monrovia 17th February, 2013.

Star Striker, George Dauda, netted in from the penalty spot one minute into the regular 90 minutes.

Ahead of the big clash in Sierra Leone at , two weeks from now, BYC II Manager, Robert Lartey, has spoken confidently of his squad’s ability to go through at the expanse of Johansen in their opponent’s backyards.

“It is Football. You do not set out for a negative result, though you achieve it at times,” Mr. Lartey noted.

The BYC Manager said: “Johansen played compact Football here [Monrovia], but my system conquered theirs and so in Freetown, am going to fight for everything.”

“Being fully cognizant of the away disadvantage, which is a scourging factor in the game, my squad will overcome whatever appears as an obstacle in their way. This will enrich their success story in football history, already set by being the 1st local club to win a CAF club match at home, a little over a decade now,” he said.

LPRC Oilers, traditional sides, Mighty Barrolle (the ‘Rollers’) and Invincible Eleven (‘IE’), Liberia’s Black Star and current top flight Champions, LISCR FC, have all failed bids at home in CAF competitions; both the Confederation Cup and the Championship.

One key thing Lartey told lbsonline that he is keen on is, reinforcing his attacking strategies and said: “It is significant to winning away” as his strike force against FC Johansen in Monrovia lacked the precision need to upset the Sierra Leoneans in open-play.”

With the 1-0 scoreline already recorded in BYC’s favor, the team must avoid defeat and put up a draw, or better still grab a victory in Freetown. Such achievement would give BYC II all reasons to celebrate, because it would mean they are through to the next round of the tournament.

Such achievement would make them the  club the first  Liberian club to come out of the preliminaries of CAF competition with flying colors in more than a decade.

BYC II, formerly ‘Tony FC’, is not only playing in the 2nd tier of Liberian football, rather they are the prestigious champions of the Liberia Football Asociation(LFA) Cup they won during the 2011/2012 national league season.

The club is the feeder side to top flight club, Barrack Young Controllers (BYC).

Passionate Football enthusiast, Robert Sirleaf, is the Chief Executive Officer of the BYC, while Mr. Sekou Conneh is the founder and President of the Football club.


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