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Rep. Kolleh-I will bring the Gov’t to you…

Jacob Parley/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Rep.Joseph Papa Kolleh
Rep.Joseph Papa Kolleh

LOWER BONG COUNTY, LIBERIA-An African statesman once described leadership as the issue of integrity and the ability and willingness of the leader to keep promises.

To support this ideology, the same African statesman warned that politicians who do not keep their promises to the governed are deceitful and therefore likely to betray the trust and confidence reposed in them, thereby killing their own political future.

The 2017 Presidential end Legislative Elections in Liberia, charged with too much tension and at certain point, frustration, are now over. Such scenario means that voters have played their part while the time has come for those elected to positions of trust across Liberia begin doing their part, specifically by meeting the needs and aspirations of those who elected them.

One of the few lawmakers who sees it compelling to constructively pay back to his people for sending him to the 54th Legislature of Liberia is Bong County Representative, Joseph Papa Kolleh.

Mr.  Kolleh, who represents District Number 7(Fuamah and Sanoyea) in Bong County, said he would ensure that the process of governance is directly felt by his people through programs and laws that will help restore their lost hope by putting similes on their faces.

The Bong County District 7 Representative also vowed to bring the government to the door stairs  of his county so that the people can feel its programs and policies, specifically to be part of Liberia’s decision making process.

“I will ensure that the government is accessible to you,” Representative Kolleh told his people recently when he was honored and gowned by them at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Bong Mines, Lower Bong County.

At the program, attended by chiefs, elders, women and youth- related organizations, including members of the Christian and Islamic faiths from the five clans in Fuamah District, Representative Kolleh said he would collaborate with development partners and others who believe in development to help transform the lives of his people.

As part of his vision for the people, he also spoke about plans to support young people in the area of education and noted further that with education, the youth will acquire marketable skills to help sustain them in a positive way.

Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh also called on the people of Bong County, mainly citizens of Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts, to realize that the electoral process is now over and that they should lay aside their personal differences to work in the interest of the area.

The Bong County District 7 Representative, as part of his pledge to run a people-centered   leadership, held meetings with various sectors of Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts.

The meetings, drawing a number of stakeholders, including the security, motorcyclists, market women, the youth, farmers’ associations, students and health workers, and the Fula Community in the area,  among others, was aimed at hearing from the citizens concerning their development needs.

Representative Kolleh told the citizens that he will not be a lawmaker who will stay at his office in Monrovia and impose his will on the people when it comes to their development needs.

“I will be accessible to you and will make sure that all of us sit down to decide what is good for our districts,” he told the gathering.
Earlier, the Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts people said they decided to honor Representative Kolleh for proving to them that he is a man of his words by  constantly visiting them and providing them opportunity to share their ideas with his office in administering the development affairs of the area.

They said since Representative Kolleh’s election, he continues to play the role of a twin mother, helping to bring the people together.
According to the Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts citizens, such a constructive interactions or approach could hardly be seen in the   political history of the area over the past twelve years.

During the past 12 years, we did not have an idea on the running of our district and so we are happy to see the new things you have begun,” the citizens noted.

In several statements, they described Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh as a kind-hearted and generous individual.
They also commended him for employing sons and daughters of the area.

During the program, the Fuamah and Sanoyea District citizens offered prayers for their lawmaker so that God can bless the work of his hands.


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