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Prez. Weah assures PUL of new law to decriminalize sedition and label

Jos Garneo Cephas
President George MAnneh Weah
President George MAnneh Weah

GRAND BASSA, LIBERIA-President George Mannah Weah has reassured the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) of government commitment to the passage of law to decriminalize sedition and label against Liberian Journalists.

President Weah said “History is about to be made to decriminalize sedition and label against Liberian journalists because they have been heldcaptive for so long without freedom, and will make sure the standard of Press Freedom and free speech is raised in the country”.

Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs, Eugene Fargun, delivering President’s Weah special message of good intent, expressedgratitude to the PUL for invitingPresident Weah to grace the occasion marking the PUL’s 2017/2018 Annual Awards and Dinner Night held in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.

President Weah recently presented a bill before the National Legislature to repeal the 1978 Sedition and Label Law that criminalize journalist.

PUL President, Charles Coffey Jr. said: “Liberia’s journalism community is progressingand has begun improving on decriminalizing free speech by reviewingand to amend several provisions of the Panel Law of 1978 to silence critical voices”.

Mr. Coffey then lauded government for the assurance  of hope but believed the promise would come true to finally remove all bottle necks in the way of journalists, noting that 2017 was a difficult yearif not for the maturity, objectivity and professionalism of journalists; the peace would have being disrupted.


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