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Chess Grandmaster Nigel Short visits Liberia's Chess Federation… conducts training

Kolubah Zayzay/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Chess Grand master  Nigel David Short
Chess Grand master Nigel David Short

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-For the first time, Liberia Chess Federation has received one of Chess’s greatest players, Grandmaster Nigel David Short, who is ranked 65 among the World’s top 100 Chess Players.

Nigel David Short arrived in Liberia Friday, June 8, 2018, was met upon arrival by scores of Liberian Chess Players as well as officials of the Liberia Chess Federation.

Speaking to State Radio Sports Saturday, June 9, 2018, Nigel said he was in the West African Country to conduct trainings for local chess players and for the promotion of chess, as well as to encourage the Liberian Chess Federation to press forward.

Mr. Short said, “I’m here to encourage the new leadership of Liberian Chess and give them some pointers”

The Briton said he is in Liberia with the support of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Inc.  to assess the sport in the country and see how the local body can be aided.

Nigel Short said the Chess Sport could help Liberia and its youthful population in addressing many of the challenges facing the country.

“Chess is very, very suitable game for Liberia, because with kids it teaches them planning, concentration for longer period of time, and teaches them lots of different skills”, Short told State Radio Sports.

He said Liberia Chess, which is new (about 4 years-old now), needs all of the support require to get the sport to the top.
He also added that he is in the Country to inform the Liberian Chess Federation about his ambition to contest the Presidency of the World Chess Federation later this year.

Nigel Short said his quest of becoming President of the World Chess Federation is to make the game more relevant to Africa and the world at large.

He said he believes that chess federations in South-Saharan Africa need more support than kids in European countries.

The Chess Grandmaster has in past years visited couple of African countries, holding exhibitions and conducting trainings aimed at promoting Chess in Africa.

“I have particular interest in Chess in Africa” said Short.

Responding to the visit of Nigel David Short to Liberia, New Liberia Chess Federation President, William Thompson, said the visit was overwhelming, especially at a time when the new leadership was forging for international partnership.

He said the arrival of Mr. Short was timely and brought huge motivation to the various chess clubs in the Country and a big proud.

Thompson said the training will help prepare Liberian chess players who are gearing up to represent the Country for the first time at the upcoming Olympia (the Chess International Competition). 

“Mr. Short’s presence here is good for the players, the chess federation and the Government Of Liberia as we strive to reawaken the Chess sport in the Country”.

The Liberian Chess Federation President described Nigel Short as’ Messi of World Football’ and that young chess players are moved by his presence.

Short has spent the past two days visiting local chess clubs and high schools around Monrovia, holding exhibitions.


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