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Liberian Court summons two Ministers over human trafficking

Fabine Kweah
Temple of Justice, the set of Justice in Liberia
Temple of Justice, the set of Justice in Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The Criminal Court A, has issued a writ Subpoena, to the Ministers of Labor, Gender and the Direct of Police and their prosecuting arm to give reason why witnesses involving in a trafficking case return in Sierra Leone.

Defendant Hawa Bangura, a Sierra Leonean, was indicted for human trafficking in November, 2017 involving a 37 year old woman identified as Famata Kanu, and her four year old daughter Kadiatu Kamara.

The defendant, Bangura had allegedly arranged and negociated with her boyfriend Lahai to see the  victim and her daughter to Molley Passewe, Chairman and whistle blower of Banjor Community, for US300,000.

Unfortunately when they arrived at Molley’s house to stuck the deal, the whistle blower, left and quickly arranged for the security to arrest the defendant. Court record shows that the child and her mother were placed in the custody of the defendant, since they did not know anyone in Monrovia.


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