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Alleged Murderer goes to jail

Fabine Kwiah

MONROVIA,LIBERIA-A twenty six year old girl identified as Johnnetta  Pinky Abu, who allegedly murdered her fiancée, Morris Johnson, head of Claims and Benefit Department   of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation(NASSCORP), has been sent to jail for murder.

During police investigations, defendant Pinky said on June 14, she and Morris were together at Pepper Fish Entertainment Center on Robertsfied Highway, when her ex-boyfriend, Niggard Blow, entered the club.

She said the presence of Blow was an embarrassment to the deceased who rained insults at her after sensing that Pinky’s attention was focus on Niggard Blow dancing on the floor.

The accused Pinky started becoming irritated as the result of Morris’ behavior and left the club.

The argument between her and the deceased eventually degenerated into a fight at which time the deceased decided to beat Pinky in the room at home, thus sitting on her landing punches on her.

Neighbors came around to separate them but could not, and in the interim defendant Pinky ran in the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the cupboard.

The deceased Morris sustained a puncture wound on his back during the scuffle with Pinky, while she also sustained laceration on her right thumb, and left hand.

Both were taken to the JFK Hospital in Monrovia where Morris died upon arrival by medical practitioners’ pronouncement, and Pinky underwent an intensive medical care before being discharged and turned over to the Liberia National Police.

A green handle sliver blade knife was used by both of them to inflict wounds on each other which resulted to Morris’ death.


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