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Police denies reports of using lethal weapons…

Fabine Kwiah
National Police Headquarters,Monrovia
National Police Headquarters,Monrovia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Liberia National Police says there was no exchange of fire as was speculated in the Barnesville, Kebbah area, thus leading to one Helen Nimely being injured.

Addressing a press conference Wednesday, July 4, 2018, Deputy Police Director for Operations, Robert Buddy, said there were non-lethal weapons used and not guns, as was speculated in the media.

Deputy Robert Buddy displayed teargas components and said the sounds of those non-lethal weapons must have been mistaken for a gun.

Buddy said:” If a police officer had fired facing the victim Helen Nimely, it would have been impossible for the laceration to come from the back neck to the front.”

He said medical report from the Trinity Health Center in Gardnerville showed that the victim sustained laceration on her right neck, but no foreign body was noted.

The LNP further said it is impossible for a bullet or projectile to have caused the laceration leaving no trace of any foreign body, contrary to the many reports that she was wounded by bullet fired by police officers.

The police, however, is challenging anyone to come forward and produce evidence indicating the use of lethal weapons by the LNP which caused the injury sustained by Madam Helen Nimely.


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