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Erosion threatens New Kru Town dwellers

John Kumeh/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
One of the makeshift homes  being affected by the ocean
One of the makeshift homes being affected by the ocean

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Victims of sea erosion in New Kru Town are calling on the Government to help put in measures to resettle them.

According to them, all of their homes and personal effects have been destroyed due to the sea erosion.

The inhabitants of Colonel West and Foan De said for the past three days their lives have been unbearable due to the erosion.

They said for the past days they have been having sleepless night due to the erosion.

According to them, if nothing is not done by the government of Liberia, the two communities will be carried away by the erosion.

They are calling on the government to also extend the coastal defense construction to their various communities and not only the D.Tweh High School.

For his part, a visually impaired former Armed Forces of Liberia Personnel, Sarweah Neway   said:” I prefer dying in his house to be re-located.”
Neway further said he will only support   relocation of his family.

Meanwhile, the affected inhabitants Monday, July 9, 2018, informed ELBC that they will eventually use the D.Tweh High School for a temporary shelter while they await government’s assistance.


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