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Team mates pay tribute to Frank Seator

By Richard Manubah
The late  Frank Seator in one of his international performances
The late Frank Seator in one of his international performances

(lbsonline/Liberia)-Former players of Liberia’s senior national football team known as the ‘Lonestar’ have described the death of their colleague, Frank Seator, as a great loss to the country.

The former Lonestar players said the death of Mr. Seator has made them deeply sad.

Four of the nations great footballers including, Jonathan ‘Boye Charles’ Sogbie, Dionysius Sebwe ‘The Rock’, Midfield Maestro, Kelvin Sebwe, and full back Varmah Kpoto told lbsonline that Frank’s void has plunged Liberian football into a difficult state that the young players may not be able to easily redeem.

“Seator was always willing to work harder on the national team, he was never argumentative when there was no need to do so,” Kelvin Sebwe said.

Frank’s colleagues also mentioned Liberia’s 3 -1 historic victory over Ghana’s Black Stars in Accra, 2001, when Frank scored one of 3 goals against the Ghanaians.
Former full-back, Vamah Kpoto, recounted: “Frank was never only concerned about his attacking responsibility on the team during practices, but he was always fond of chatting with the team’s defenders and encouraging them on the field of play”.

Seator won 15 senior caps for Lonestar and netted 5 goals, as his tally for both club and Country stands at 69 goals. During his career days, he featured for clubs in Hungary, and Asia, mainly Qatar, where he spent more time pursuing his professional career.

He died at age 43, leaving behind a beloved family of 3.

An elder brother of Kelvin [ex-midfielder], Dionysius Sebwe, now enjoying his retirement in government as Deputy Minister for Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports immortalized Frank ‘Jean’ Seator as not only being a towering striker, but one with qualities and multi-talents.

The striker always approached each game with high commitment and determination to net in goals. “Frank was always after goals.”

Whenever a defender played against him, they had no time to observe resting as his pressure was unceasing till the 90 minutes elapsed”.

Dionysius wants the current breed of young players highly emulate Frank Seator in their career, if they must become successful.

“Nowadays, you hardly see any young up-coming player say, I want to play like Frank Seator, James Debbah, etc. That is not good for the future of our Football,” elder Sebwe lamented.

Also speaking to mylbsonline, Jonathan Sogbie, said: “Frank’s memory will live with him forever as they both experienced the beginning stages of their Football career in Bong Mines; a mineral concession town in Bong County located in Liberia’s central region.

Boye Charles though, was ahead of Frank in club Football in Bong Mines and helped to take him to Europe to polish his career beginning in Hungary and then in the latter stages moving over to clubs in Asia where his career fortunately blossomed.

“Through my organization, Mario International, used to sending exceptional home talents overseas, Frank got recruited and experienced, for the first time, playing professional Football in Hungary”. Boye Charles also remembered.

Jonathan further recalled, that while he was arranging the contract with his European partners, Frank, standing beside him, profusely wept over Boye Charles’ refusal to accept 10,000 Euros put on offer to secure the services of Frank Seator, arguing that the amount was very little for a season.

“I wanted the contract extended to three seasons and the wages in the region of 30,000 Euros, because Frank needed time to adapt to the system of play and one season would not have been adequate for him to get adapted.

Eventually, however, we agreed to one and half season deal and Frank’s wages increased to 1,000 Euros. From that point he got his entry as being a professional Footballer.

Regarding putting in place a proper mechanism to immortalize Liberia’s fallen football stars, all four former players spoke well of such plan and craved to seeing a coordinated efforts and resources from the government and the Football Association (LFA) to ensure that all professionals, including football players, be give a befitting burial.

Jonathan, Kelvin, Dionysius and Kpoto also suggested that Frank Seator be given a state funeral as his sporting prowess exhibited for Liberia took him to the level of a statesman.

lbsonline understands that a number of memorial matches, being planned by the ex-national team players, will precede the funeral of Frank ‘Jean’ Seator. 


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