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Rochell-Put hold to Congress…

Kolubah Zayzay/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Madam Rochelle Woodson
Madam Rochelle Woodson

The Liberia Football Association’s electoral dispute seems to be taking another trend as an aggrieved former Executive Committee Member’s case has been given credence by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Madam Rochellel Woodson, a former president of Second Division team Gardnerville FC said holding the congress and election will be waste of finances, energy and time as CAS’s ruling will supersede the outcome of the processes.

Speaking to State Radio World of Sports program, Madam Woodson said though it is statutory to hold extra-ordinary congresses, stakeholders should know that there is a new development coming out of the Court of Arbitrations for Sports.

Madam Woodson, who declared her intention to contest the LFA Presidency race before staying away from the process, said the process leading to the April 14 election and the election itself were conducted in complete violation of the local football statutes.

“I called for a rerun of the entire process and told CAS that the LFA’s elections of April 14 should be cancelled because it was illegal”, Madam Woodson said.

She said FIFA’s recent findings into the electoral disputes clearly indicate that the April 14 election was not held in keeping with the local football law.

“FIFA’s decision buttressed what I have been saying” Madam Woodson noted.

Rochell Woodson became bitter after the electoral guidelines were released in which presidential candidates were charged more than $2,000.00 USD to contest, and candidates for election committee seats were allowed to present just one nomination paper, rather than the five nominations as required by the LFA Statutes.

The LFA is to find a lawyer to visit Zurich to challenge Rochelle’s case at CAS.

The former women representative at the LFA EC, who has won two cases against the LFA at CAS, bragged that she will win the LFA and there will be new elections.

“I never went into case with the LFA and did not win. So I will win and the elections will be held over, and those calling themselves Executives Committee members and Vice Presidents will throw away those titles”.

She called on football stakeholders to stay away from Congress and look up to CAS’s ruling.

Rochell Woodson has made gains in recent times in Liberian football, winning the LFA in two cases at the Court of Arbitrations for Sports.
She was twice expelled by the LFA Congress, but those expulsions were overturned by CAS’s rulings.

Since then, some stakeholders see her as the “Iron Lady” of Liberian football. The rulings and hailing seem to be giving Rochelle the push to return to CAS as she seems to know the terrain well.

While she fights for what she calls “the right thing to be done”, it seems she is creating many enemies as several stakeholders have begun raising concerns about her role played during the 2014 LFA elections and the ebola football money saga in Liberia, as well as the purchasing of a wetland to construct the LFA Headquarters for more than two-hundred -thousand United States Dollars.

Despite her call, the LFA says it will go to Congress and election as planned.


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