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I Will Not Let You Down-Rep. Kolleh Assures Bong Citizens

Jacob Parley/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh
Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh

BONG COUNTY, LIBERIA-Bong County District 7 Representative, Joseph Papa Kolleh, has vowed never to betray the trust and confidence reposed in him by Bong citizens, mainly the people of Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts.

Representative Kolleh said every constructive effort would be made to ensure that those who took up their time to stand in the long queues to vote him in office in 2017 are rewarded through programs and policies that seek to improve their lives.

The Bong District 7 Lawmaker made the statement recently when twenty rural women from Bong Mines, Sanoyea and Fuamah District, received  additional financial credit loan in the tune of a little over $400,000 Liberian Dollars.

Speaking during the ceremony marking the exercise in the district, Representative Kolleh  vowed to work along with national and international partners to help improve the living conditions of Bong citizens, mainly rural people from Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts who are engaged in small skill businesses aimed at transforming their lives.

The credit loan program is a World Bank-sponsored program through the Foundation for Women Liberia.

The initiative represents the credit loan program supported by the World Bank as part of efforts to help participants in small skill ventures succeed in sustaining themselves.

During the program, the Fuamah and Sanoyea District Representative particularly spoke about creating programs and activities directed towards helping rural women of Bong County overcome the harsh economic constraints they are faced with.

Representative Kolleh said:” Despite Liberia’s harsh economic situation, he will not let his people down.”

By this, he pledged to do his utmost best by collaborating with various segments of Bong County in line with his efforts to tackle the problems being faced by his people.

He said despite the growing economic challenges confronting Liberians, including the people of Bong County, his office remains committed to working along with all stakeholders, including local and international partners, to help put smiles on the faces of the people through constructive initiatives.

Representative Kolleh commended   the World Bank for honoring an appeal from his office to buttress the efforts of the Liberian Government by providing financial support to less fortunate Liberian women.

Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh also promised to ensure maximum representation for his people at the 54th Liberian Legislature by   lobbying with the requisite international organizations and institutions for sustainable economic growth for Bong citizens, including the formulation of laws that will be in the interest of Liberia.

The initiative received commendations from the people of Fuamah and Sanoyea Districts, mainly rural women who are the direct beneficiaries.

Earlier in a statement of appreciation, the Program Finance Manager of Foundation for Women Liberia, Madam Annah Smith, said the micro credit loan program is a revolving economic recovery gesture that seeks to positively touch the lives all business women of Sanoyea.

Madam Smith noted that the World Bank funded Organization; Foundation for Women Liberia, is working in fourteen of the fifteen counties in Liberia and that the organization remains committed to helping rural Liberian women improve their lives through positive ventures.


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