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National Orator wants corruption fight begins in homes, churches…

Victor Kezelee/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr
Finance Minister Samuel Tweah
Finance Minister Samuel Tweah

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Liberia’s 171st Independence Day Orator, Samuel Tweah says the fight against corruption should not be limited to government officials.

Minister Tweah said:” The issue of corruption that has and continues to undermine National Development must be fought in various homes, schools, and religious settings, as well.”

He attributed Liberia’s rapid economic collapse to the Ebola outbreak and the decline of major export commodities on the world market.

Minister Tweah said the diversification of the economy must therefore take in to account domestic investment from a holistic point of view.

The Independence Day Orator called on members of the Legislature to take the lead in productive activities, while the business community plays by the rules.

Mr. Tweah said that no government, including the current one, is able to meet all of the demands of the Country and as such priority areas must be considered in the midst of the Country’s meager resources.

He said policies crafted by previous governments are good, mainly in the area of agriculture, and government will have to implement them along with development partners.

Commenting on the media, Minister Tweah said the media has an important role in promoting the Country’s democracy, and  Government is committed to promoting press freedom at all times but  cautioned media practitioners to be factual in their reportage.

Minister Tweah spoke Thursday, July 26, 2018, at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia when he served as Liberia’s 171st National Independence Day Orat


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