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Liberian Embassy hosts diplomatic reception in China in 15 years

Francis Pelenah/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

BEIJING, CHINA-For the first time since Liberia reestablished diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) nearly 15 years ago, the Liberian Embassy in Beijing hosted a diplomatic reception in observance of the Country’s 171st Independence Anniversary.

Relations between both countries have been broken and rebuilt several times since February 17, 1977, when diplomatic relations were first established during the administration of President William Richard Tolbert. 

However, on October 12, 2003, during the brief administration of President Moses Z. Blah, Liberia dropped diplomatic relations with Republic of China (Taiwan), established by President Charles Taylor, and reestablished ties with the China. Since then, Liberia has had a diplomatic presence in Beijing.

According to a dispatch from Beijing, the occasion, which was characterized by cultural and other performances by Liberian and Chinese groups, was graced by the Special Representative for African Affairs at the Chinese Foreign Ministry and other high-level Chinese government officials.

In his remarks, Liberia’s Ambassador to the PRC, Dudley McKinley Thomas, termed the Country’s National Day as one of “freedom”.

On Liberia’s international obligations, Ambassador Thomas recounted that as a charter member of the United Nations, it fought for the inherent right of all people to determine their own future.


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