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Plea to make Martial Arts a national program

Include Martial Arts in national education curricu

(lbsonline/Liberia)-A passionate plea has been made for the Liberian Government to elevate the local Martial Arts to a national educational program.

A Taekwondo practitioner, Eva Mappy-Morgan, said: “The high level of disciplines that goes with the practice of Martial Arts can positively help to develop the minds of the youth toward national development.”

Madam Morgan is also the Chief Judge of the Commercial Court of Liberia.

Judge Morgan was among several distinguished personalities honored during the weekend by the Martial Arts and Fitness Academy of top-rated practitioner, Master Junior Pewee-Russian.

“Though Football is the foremost sporting discipline in Liberia, she argued that other disciplines, mainly the Martial Sports, have huge potentials to making bigger impacts on the local sports and regain Liberia’s lost image in the world of sports,” Judge Morgan also said in her keynote address.

Judge Morgan assured that when government establishes a national academy for Martial Arts in Liberia, or admits the sport into the national educational curriculum, she would encourage other experienced practitioners to offer their services to impart knowledge to the young practitioners.

Judge Morgan, Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai, Jonathan Mason, Business executive, Theo Joseph, Thomas Blah and Maritime Boss, Beyan Kessely, among others were honored for their individual meaningful contributions to developing the Liberian Martial Arts over the years.

Master Junior Pewee-Russian’s academy also honored veteran practitioners, including Adolphus Dolo, Zuzu Martin and Francis Adzanu for their role being played in the development of the Arts.

There are more than 16 Taekwondo dojos operating in Liberia. Aside from that, Karate and other forms of Martial Arts add to the sports, thus taking the number up to more than 25.

Meanwhile, a Journalist, awarded for supporting the development of Martial Arts in Liberia, Richard Manuba, has dedicated his award to BBC stringer, Zoegar Jaynes.

Journalist Manubah is a reporter of lbsonline  reporter Manuba told lbsonline Sports, that Mr. Jaynes played a leading role in mentoring him in Sports Journalism while serving as head of the Sports Desk at ELBC.

Mr. Jaynes was himself, awarded by the Martial Arts Academy of Master Junior Pewee-Russian. One of the Honorees, Theo ‘Deconty’ Joseph made a startling revelation as he was given the podium to make remarks.

“My Son who turns 15 years old this year is a pride product of this Martial Arts institution. He recently won silver for Finishing 2nd in his weight category [not specified] when he participated in the youth Championships,” Mr. Deconty said.

He said: “So, the pride is mine also and I am grateful to Master Junior Pewee-Russian and his corps of instructors for the knowledge imparted to him. My son represented his secondary school in the United States of America.”

The academy operates at Liberia’s foremost national stadium, the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, Liberia’s second largest city, suburb of Monrovia.

Enrollment at the Martial Arts’ mini Academy is free-of-charge as Foreigners and locals have shown considerable level of interest in having their children learn at the mini academy. 


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