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‘We’re Not Here to Dismiss Anybody’ - CBL Executive Governor Patray

Daily Observer/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Cllr. Barclay administers the oath of office to Governor Patray.
Cllr. Barclay administers the oath of office to Governor Patray.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-The Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Nathaniel R. Patray, told hundreds of Bank’s staffs that he did not take over the entity to dismiss people from their positions, but to rather work hard to implement President George Weah’s mandate.

Governor Patray made the remark Monday,August 6,2018, shortly after he was officially inducted into office by the bank’s in-house lawyer, Cllr. Esther Barclay.

He spoke of his administration’s preparedness to sidestep some of the usual protocols so as to satisfy the mandate of the President. He noted that President Weah’s mandate was crucial to the upliftment of the country’s struggling economy.

“One thing I want you to bear in mind is that this is a new dispensation; a new board, and the Bank’s new administration. The old order is no more, and I hope that every senior officer will take note of this. The old order is no more. I want to erase your fear because I did not come here to dismiss people from their position; no employee will be dismissed, except you don’t want to work with this new management, then you can just send in your resignation, which we will gladly accept, and move on. But, nobody will be dismissed,” Governor Patray repeatedly assured the workforce.

However, he informed members of the staff that his administration will shortly conduct an institutional reform process geared towards achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Governor Patray assured staffs of circumventing CBL’s existing policies in order to execute the President’s mandate and “not to say we will trash it away, but we will still work within the scope of our authority knowing that the President’s mandate remains very important.”

He added that the reform process will focus on the structural improvements for greater impact at the CBL.

The Governor stated further that the Bank will strengthen internal control systems with the aim to strengthen perceived weaknesses in the administration and financial management to ensure compliance with best international standards.

It may be recalled that President Weah recently mandated the country’s economic management team to institute policies aimed at stabilizing the country’s broken economy.

He said the CBL’s internal control system will be strengthened in order see weaknesses in patients and financial management, ensuring compliance with international standards; improvement will be made in a number of years including but not limited to the accounting system, human resources, and independent external audit.

The CBL Governor said, “We will operate through a chain of command; nobody, no employees of this bank will come to my office with bank matters except they go through their bosses; if you have problems with what you doing at the bank, see your boss and then your boss will see me and we will discuss, and if it is something that will go to the board, I will take it to the board, but I will not entertain staffs coming to my office.

“If you have personal problems that you want to discuss with the Governor, I will entertain that, but if it is a problem relating to the job you will see your boss.”

He added that working together as one family, they should not be afraid because nobody in the institution, whether their boss or not, will dismiss them without input from him as Governor of the CBL.


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