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Shannon Back Off From LFA Presidential Race

Kolubah Zayzay/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
-Former LFA Vice President for Administration, Musa Shannon
-Former LFA Vice President for Administration, Musa Shannon

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Former LFA Vice President for Administration, Musa Shannon, has withdrawn from this Saturday’s LFA Presidential election.

Mr. Shannon, according to a communication said:” I am pulling out of the LFA Presidential race for the good of the game.”

In his communication to the LFA Elections Committee, He said that he was retreating to give way to the growth and forward march of Liberian football.

Earlier speculations had it that stakeholders were showing no interest in the former Liberian International footballer’s Presidential ambition.

A source closed to Shannon’s camp told ELBC Sport Tuesday, September 4, 2018, those stakeholders dropped their support for their candidate in the last few weeks.

This means Mustapha Raji will contest this Saturday’s LFA Presidential election as the lone candidate.

The election for president of the LFA has been delayed due to controversies that marred the April 14,2018, Football Election.

Mustapha Raji won the most votes in the April 14 election ahead of Musa Shannon and George Solo, but did not get the required number to be declared winner.

Shannon, LFA former 1st Vice President,  came second and Solo third.

That election failed to be concluded because of a court injunction issued by the Civil Law Court following a petition from George Solo.

Football stakeholders will hold an emergency congress Saturday for the purpose of electing a new president to take over from Musa Bility.

Meanwhile, Outgoing Liberia Football Association President, Musa Bility, has issued a statement saying that he’s transferring the authority to Presidential candidate, Mustapha Raji, to govern local football.

Mr. Bility, in a communication to football stakeholders few hours after Shannon’s pulled out, said: “As of today (Tuesday), all decision within the LFA must be made with the full knowledge and approval of Mustapha Raji” ,who will contest the LFA Presidential election as the lone candidate.

“I’ve just been informed by the Secretary General that Mr. Musa Shannon has withdrawn from the upcoming Presidential Election. With this information, I wish to inform you that the process of Transition will start immediately”, Bility noted. 

Mr. Bility, in his statement ,thanked stakeholders for the opportunity given him to work together for the last five months, and said it was a pleasure working in spite of the stiff disagreement at times.

Mr. Bility, however, failed to state whether he has resigned as President of the LFA.

In his statement, Mr. Bility refers to Mustapha Raji as “President-Elect”.

Bility who second four years tenure ended in April, has been in charge of the LFA as President after a mandate from Fifa asking him to stay on until election for a new president was concluded.


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