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Court of Arbitration for Sports to rule against Rochell?

Kolubah Zayzay/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.
Madam Rochell Woodson
Madam Rochell Woodson

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-Credible report reaching ELBC SPORTS says the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) will shortly rule in the case involving former LFA Executive Committee member, Rochell Woodson, and the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

According to the report, CAS has gotten all of communications and responses it needed, while it entertained argument in the case.

Madam Rochell Woodson, one of the influential Executives of the Musa Bility’s First Administration, took the LFA to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), accusing the LFA and its Elections Committee of breaching the Football Constitution in the process leading to the April 14, 2018 elections.

She complained of huge funding requested by the LFA Elections Committee for the election which was unconstitutional.

Madam Woodson who announced she was going to contest the April 14 election, refused to register her candidacy as she said the election committee was not respecting the LFA Statues, but engaging in irregularities, including overlooking integrity checks as required by law.

The CAS took seizure of the matter in April and has since been going through the case.

Delay from the LFA in responding to Madam Woodson’s case at CAS had kept things at bay.

The LFA was given twenty days ultimatum to respond to the counts against it at CAS, which it finally did two days to the deadline.

The LFA in its counter argument said the CAS should not be hearing the case because it was not in CAS’s jurisdiction to hear.

The LFA legal team accused Madam Woodson of not following the lay down procedures in seeking redress to her dissatisfaction with the LFA electoral process.

According to the LFA response, Madam Woodson failed to take her case at the LFA Election Appeal Committee, before reaching CAS in keeping with the LFA Statues.

A legal expert (on sports legal matters) told the Monrovia Times Sports that Madam Woodson’s failure to have taken her case to the LFA Election Appeal body was a major error on her part, as CAS cannot rule in a case that has not been heard by lower legal body.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS; French: Tribunal arbitral du sport, TAS) is an international quasi-judicial body established to settle disputes related to sport through arbitration.

Generally speaking, a dispute may be submitted to the CAS only if there is an arbitration agreement between the parties which specifies recourse to the CAS.

Rochell Woodson’s case at CAS has cast dark shadow over Liberian Football since April, as stakeholders (especially recently elected Executives Committee Members of the LFA) have been eagerly awaiting the ruling to give themselves assurance as Executives of local football.

A win for Rochell would differently nullify the April 14, 2018 election and call for a fresh election.

Madam Woodson has been at CAS twice before; winning two expulsion cases against the LFA, but this third case which had given hopes to some of the defeated candidates in the April 14 election seems to be going against the Liberian Football “Irony Lady”.


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