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Nurss in Riover Gee County on go-slow

Jos Garneo Cephas/Maximilian Kasseh,Jr.

RIVER GEE COUNTY, LIBERIA-Health workers in River Gee County are reportedly on a go-slow action at the Fish Town Referral Hospital, in demand of their seven month incentives.

The striking nurses claim that the payment of their incentives has been stopped for reasons they do not know.

Our River Gee County Correspondent told ELBC Wednesday, October 3,2018, that the Group’s spokesperson, Jacqueline Weah, as saying, though most of them are now employed, they have not been placed on the Liberian Government’s Payroll as yet.

He said relatives have begun relocating their patients elsewhere in search of treatment, especially at local drugs stores, because of the seriousness of the strike action.

Our Correspondent also said health authorities in River Gee County, including the Resident Doctor of the Fish Town Referral Hospital, has confirmed the strike action, but said they were discussing the matter.


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