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Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency impounds illicit drug …

Michael Weah/Maximilian Kasseh, Jr.

GRAND CAPE MOUNT COUNTY, LIBERIA-A bus belonging to the National Transit Authority (LTA) has been impounded by the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Grand Cape County.

The decision was established upon the discovery of seven plats of marijuana valued at over Ninety-thousand Liberian Dollars on board the vehicle.

According to ELBC Correspondent, neither the driver nor the conductor nor any of the passengers on board claimed ownership of the narcotic substance.

Meanwhile, the DEA is holding the driver and conductor as suspects to transporting illicit drugs.

Their particulars were taken and they ordered to report at the Bo Waterside port of entry to Tuesday, October 9, 2018 to aid in the ongoing investigations regarding the marijuana found on board the vehicle.


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