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Liberia Broadcasting System Director Gen.attends BBC Africa Media Leadership Forum

BST Release/Maximilian Kasse3h, Jr.
LBS Director-General Ledgerhood Rennie
LBS Director-General Ledgerhood Rennie

MONROVIA, LIBERIA-LBS Director-General (DG), Ledgerhood Rennie, is in Nairobi, Kenya participating in the BBC Africa Media Leadership Forum, which brings together the continent’s Media Leaders.

The Forum is being held under the Theme: Exploring the Implications of Fake News and How the Continent’s Media Leaders can Work to Safeguard Quality and Impartial Journalism.

It is being facilitated by the renowned former BBC News and Current Affairs Director, Helen Holden.

The Forum is exploring the parameters of fake news and disinformation on media reporting in the technological advancement age.

It will seek to find solutions from Africa’s Media Leaders on how the Continent’s Media can guide against such global media debacle.

On the fringes of the Forum, Director-General Rennie, along with other Media Leaders of Africa, Monday participated in the BBC launch of its biggest News Bureau outside the United Kingdom (UK) in Nairobi since 1940.

This new State of the Art Multimedia Hub has already begun producing high quality journalism contents for BBC AFRICA Media Partners and audiences.

DG Rennie expressed delight at his being part of such historic and colorful occasion.

He said LNTV, already broadcasting some of BBC's quality contents produced from the Kenyan Capital by talented African Journalists, will continue the partnership and will benefit from such enriched contents.

The LBS Boss also said he has begun talks, aimed at securing top notch journalism training for LBS Journalists and Broadcasters to improve the quality of journalism at the state broadcaster.


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