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Supreme Court, House, hold mediation conference

By Fallah Matthews

(lbsonline/Liberia)-A conference to find amicable settlement in the standoff involving the House of Representatives, on one hand, and two senior government officials, on the other, has been concluded in Monrovia.

The conference was held Tuesday 26th February, 2013 between the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, and lawyers representing the House and the two female senior government officials.

Montserrado County Superintendent, Grace Kpan, and Monrovia City Mayor, Mary Broh, are being hunted by the House of Representatives to face 30-day imprisonment for their alleged acts of contempt.

The lower house of the Liberian Legislature recently ordered the arrest of and subsequent detention of Superintendent Kpan and Mayor Broh for thirty days for their alleged acts of contempt.

According to lbsonline reporter, Journalists had gathered in the court’s chamber to cover the story, but were politely asked by Chamber Justice Philip Banks to leave.

He however said: “We were hinted that lawyers representing Madam Grace Kpan and Mary Broh told the court that the two female government officials were not accorded due process before the House of Representatives reached its decision to incarcerate them.”

Cllrs. Pearl Brown Bull, Christiana Tah and Stephen Dunbar are representing the two ladies in the legal matter.
The three lawyers requested the court to invoke the appropriate laws to reverse the House’s decision against their clients.

In counter argument, lawyers representing the House of Representatives, Cllr. Jonathan Williams and Gaya Karmo, told the court that the House committed no error in instituting its action against Madam Grace Kpan and Mary Broh, because, according to them, the two ladies actions were tantamount to undermining legislative functions.

“Chamber Justice, Philip Banks, has however, reserved judgment into the matter to be passed on at a date to be determined by the Supreme Court,” our lbsonline reporter also said. 


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